RelocateMe is a fusion of Work, Travel & Networking. We call it a "Working Retreat" as most of our daily time will be spent on professional activities. We will set up a new office for you, fly in your new colleagues and top it off with a variety of local entertainment.

Either you need a change in environment or to find inspiration to complete an important task, we will tailor the best getaway from your daily routine so you can proceed with achieving you goals.


The Program is 2 weeks long and there will be several editions all around the world. You should always be able to find yours. It's simple - APPLY, get chosen & arrange your travel.

We will provide you with:

  • working facilities

  • accommodation

  • local guidance

  • awesome working buddies

Our community of locals are in your direct reach to provide you support on everything you might need during the co-working retreat.

* Please note that travel costs, travel insurance and food during the program are not provided by RelocateMe.

Living in London has always been my dream! But it is easy to get stuck in your comfort zone what is safe and easy but it is impossible to grow and learn in that safe space. I wanted to expand my horizon and escape the regular 9-5 office routine and shake up my work environment. I said” YES” to the unknown and relocated to Medellin, Colombia and lived beyond my comfort zone where the real magic happened. Working remotely for my job, supported by the entrepreneur community, making new friends, learning and growing and seeing new places is definitely the future of work. Working from my happy place gave a boost to my productivity, being inspired and being able to inspire others is the best feeling in the world. With the ability to be flexible and enjoy this amazing journey, I feel like I have a new life I’m going to take full advantage of.
Say “YES” even if you don’t think you are ready!
— Lagle, Entrepreneur | Medellin(‘18)


Some of us recently noticed that our daily work is mostly done through digital channels. We use our computers or smartphones to stay connected and get things done. Easy and convenient. Wherever there is wifi we can basically work. 

We also realised that working remotely can be effective, but at some point you could feel a little bit too remote. You want to bounce a quick idea or a thought, but there are no people around you. Co-working retreat will provide the collective superpower and work spirit to get things done. Why not do it in a beautiful location with all the necessities?

RelocateMe connects the dots and brings together RemoteWork - Travelling - Meeting inspiring people

Take us as your dream assistant or life coach. Somebody who arranges your office, invites cool colleagues and hand-picks the local entertainment. Isn't that the best setup you can imagine?


I’ve been working remotely for over 10 years, it has been the most amazing experience. However, digital nomad lifestyle can get a bit lonely at times and I feel that co-working retreats have solved that issue + have opened new opportunities for location independent workers. Work, self development, networking and fun - all in one!
— Kaarel, Co-founder


How can I apply ?

1) Find your favourite RelocateMe event
2) Send us you short application/bio via website
3) We will contact you and guide you through the process
4) You will receive a notification regarding your acceptance shortly
5) Pay your confirmation fee
6) Arrange your flights and be there on time


How many people participate each event?

Every event is different however we will tailor the program according the destination. Usually 15-25 people are accepted to one event. 


How does the lodging look like?

We use different accommodation facilities in every city. Mostly there are bigger villas or apartments with up to 10 people sharing the house. There are usually twin rooms and you will be sharing a room with another attendee. Single rooms can be requested but are subject to additional costs.