Get yourself out there, make the uncomfortable comfortable


Hello, I’m Alice, a Social Brand & Communications Strategist currently based in Vienna.
I’ve been self-employed for more than 3 years now, working with global brands such as Red Bull and Uber, as well as local smaller companies and start-ups.
With a background in social psychology, I define strategies that connect brands with their people through the savvy use of social media, weave digital into real-world experiences and travel the world while doing it.
I agreed to spend grey and cold February in sunny and sweet Cape Town next year, where I will be a mentor, host workshops and share my experiences about being self-employed, global marketing and communications, community building and social media.
To put in context how I happened to start a social media business after studying Psychology, read on. This is how it all started...

There I was, in London, with an unpaid internship in a 1-person start-up, that I had gotten via a Skype interview.
After a week of working there, I realised that was not the reason I ambitiously moved to London for, so decided to find a new job.
Having no clue about the agency scene, and not really knowing anyone there who would, I walked around and tried to look for places I could apply for. My strolls around Shoreditch led me to a building, full of creative/agency-like looking people.
Luckily enough, the building was in fact full of agencies and cool companies, so I went from one floor to the next, knocked on their doors (quickly googled what they did before knocking) introducing myself.
And don’t ask me how, after a few interviews and anecdotes about Austria, I landed a job at a big agency with global clients such as Skype, Giffgaff and joined the social strategy team. This is where I’ve “smelled blood” and it was the start of something new.

After a few years in London with a few more agency experiences I decided to move again, this time back to Austria, where I wanted to continue to grow in the, at that time, quite new field of Social Media, move social forward, work with international clients, travel and fulfil all my curiosities and side-projects.
As I didn’t feel like there was a job I could be content with, I decided to start my own company.

Since then, I’ve been consulting and working on the social media and communications strategies of global brands such as Red Bull or Uber, created experiences for Bacardi, worked with local start-ups and smaller brands ranging from food and lifestyle, to hospitality, tech, gaming and tourism, helped them develop their online presence, tell their stories more effectively and bring them to life.
At the same time, I am travelling as much as never before. I love to be flexible, pretty much location independent and get inspired from other cultures, cities and get out of my usual environment.

Bangkok Trip.jpg
2-Sri Lanka Trip.png

Apart from working with clients, I am also a passionate side-project hobbyist. I hosted a street party for a children’s charity, helped the CreativeMornings Vienna team building their online & offline community. And just this year, I started a Work & Community space in Vienna called “Neue Freunde”: a creative collective to bring together creatives with different skills and create a community that creates new opportunities, ideas and conversations.


I’ve also started lecturing Social and Consumer Psychology at university with no previous experience in teaching, held my first keynote talks, hosted brunch pop-up events without having any professional cooking background either and opened the doors of a shared-office, without knowing who was gonna rent the desks in there.

Foto keynote.jpg

If you don’t try, you’ll never know, right?!

Although, these side-projects don’t bring in lots of/any money, I realised and truly believe that different interests, hobbies, curiosities and knowledge enable us to access new points of intersections and make potential clients as well as people around you feel more connected to you and your passions.

When the RelocateMe team asked me to be a mentor and host for the marketing workshop in Cape Town, I got excited to get out of my comfort zone again. I can’t wait to share my experiences about being self-employed, marketing and social media together with a bunch of other inspiring people, get to know new like-minded individuals and challenge them to learn and see things differently. And doing all of this while escaping the cold, grey Viennese winter, did sound quite tempting too I must admit.

So to get into the mood for Cape Town and set yourself some goals for the start into the New Year, here are some of my learnings for getting yourself out there, living your passions and building a business with it:

#1 Be a creative out-of-the box thinker, it’s a great advantage to have many interests and creative pursuits and as a result, a collective mix of skills experiences and gives you many touch-points with potential clients.

#2 Try saying yes to opportunities you’re curious about and then throw yourself into whatever the activity is.

#3 Put yourself and your ideas out there and share what your mission and passions are.

#4 Connect people - Build a network of individuals around you and use the power of a community.

#5 Share knowledge & what you do: People have a hunger for good ideas, so it’s important to share what you know.

#6 Bring interest from different travels, cultures to new topics.

#7 Embrace many passions, follow your curiosity down those rabbit holes and explore your ideas.

#8 Look for problems that need solving and just start doing.

#9 Build your ideas on communities and find your people.

See you in Cape Town!