How do we work?

Here’s everything you need to know about in a nutshell. 

We like to think of ourselves as a co-working retreat or a winter office. Maybe even a working holiday on steroids. Be as it may, those sets of words don’t really give an accurate description of our venture. Then again, it really depends on your current life (job) situation and geographical position. 

We bring together a community of location independent workers, freelancers and entrepreneurs to beautiful destinations all over the world and provide two weeks of well organised balance between work, self development, fun and health.

Photo by Adam Blake.

Photo by Adam Blake.


We accommodate you in a stunning house or villa with working facilities and fast internet connection (of course). You will get a local sim card loaded with data, a shared car, and a friendly team organising events, workshops, dinners and loads of other activities to boost your mind and soul. 

It all happens in the company of new inspiring colleagues from all over the world with whom you will be sharing your experience, knowhow, and life in general. 

Mornings and afternoons are dedicated to work and personal projects. A few times a week you will be a part of exciting workshops and educational content based on your theme, but not only. There will be loads of off the record inspirational talks and skill sharing. For the early birds we have yoga, sunrise hikes, beach runs, surf etc. 

We offer a variety of themes to select from. Every theme focuses on a certain topic that will be carried out during the retreat. 

Photo by Kaarel Sein.

Photo by Kaarel Sein.

Here’s an overview of the currently available themes in Cape Town:

Active Living - The focus is on active lifestyle, health and sightseeing. A selection of best all-around activities, tailored to your taste. You will get to hike, surf, taste the wonderful local food and wine + much more - all in a well balanced manner. A perfect getaway to revitalise your body and soul. Yoga, meditation, healthy food and numerous activities out in the nature.

Marketing Rockstars - Preselected group of curious founders living together with experienced global PR & Marketing professionals. We will create a set of practical workshops to guide you through the technical challenges & business struggles when launching your online product. Get prepared for a full comprehensive crash course that takes your marketing skills to a whole new level. → Read a blog post by Tuuli, who will be in charge.

Kite and Surf - Either it's your first attempt to fly a kite or you are a seasoned surf maniac - the name says it all. In this program our main focus will be catching wind and chasing waves on stunning beaches around Cape Town. Take your skills to a next level with an amazing community of international colleagues!

Crypto & Blockchain - You might have heard about Bitcoin & Ethereum but you don't really get the fuzz. Should I own a few as well? The word blockchain seems as clear as nuclear science? Well we know how you feel and that is exactly why we want to upgrade your mind. Spend the 2 weeks with people from around the world who all are curious about this new technology. Either it is your first attempt to understand crypto or you are looking for new exciting opportunities for business - this event is for you. → Read a blog post by Vincent, who will be leading the retreat.

Here’s an example of a typical day with

06:30 - Wake Up / Beach run, Surf, Hike or Yoga

08:00 - Breakfast

08:30 - Working

12:00 - Lunch / Afternoon Workshop

13:30 - Working

17:00 - Explore the city

19:30 - Dinner and Socialising at a local restaurant

  • Some days will be without planned content to do whatever you want. On the weekends we explore the surroundings and go on fun trips!

If you like what you see then hit us up!